PISA Awards 2021: Worst dressed Pakistani Celebrities at PISA awards in Dubai PISA Awards 2021: Worst dressed Pakistani Celebrities at PISA awards in Dubai

PISA Awards 2021: Worst dressed Pakistani Celebrities at PISA awards in Dubai

Pakistani celebrities at PISA Awards 2021

At the PISA Awards, some Pakistani celebrities wore the ugliest dresses possible, drawing criticism from the public.

One of the most prestigious awards for all talented content creators, actors, and influencers in Pakistan is the Pakistani International Screen Awards to recognise their hard work and creativity across various platforms. Many famous Pakistani youtubers and content creators attended the hot night of the PISA awards in Dubai along with famous Pakistani TV celebrities like Hania Aamir, Sana Javeed. These award shows are the platforms for these celebrities to showcase their glamorous lifestyle and fashion sense.

Celebrities stepped outside of their comfort zones to try something magnificent and stunning, but while doing so as many of them became the talk of the Red Carpet. However, some of these celebrities became the talk of town for their worst dressing choices.

Faryal Mehmood's backless PISA award gown:

Faryal Mehmood, an actress, is known for always wearing something bold and elegant. She chose modern and western clothing over traditional. Her emerald green gown, on the other hand, does not appear to be as good as we had hoped from this beauty Diva. Her gown is also backless, which is inappropriate for PISA night. Faryal kept it safe with the hairstyle and makeup, but it looked so bad that it made the list of PISA's worst dresses.

Faryal Mehmood is a Pakistani model and dancer who was born in New York and is currently employed in Pakistan's media industry. While living in Pakistan, she enjoys being bold and wearing controversial outfits as an American citizen. She has already posted several provocative photoshoots on her Instagram account, which have sparked outrage.

Here are few of her bold photoshoots:

Maham Amjad's lovely looking blouse at PISA Awards 2021:

Maham Amjad, an actress, was also present at the PISA award ceremony in Dubai last night. It's a little confusing because we're talking about her dress. It appears to be a sarhi blouse or something similar but it got alot of hate from the public because of it's revealing nature. Have a look at it yourself:

Nimra Jacob at PISA Awards 2021:

Nimra Jacob is another Pakistani celebrity whose dressing sense as surprised everyone at the Red Carpet of PISA Award show. She chose to wear a red gown for the event which has a thigh high split and deep neck which was very revealing.

The model wore a red lace gown with a slit running up the leg, nude heels, and her hair curly. Nimra kept it simple with soft makeup and minimal jewellery, opting for the safe option in almost every department.

Famous celebrities looks at PISA Awards 2021:

Apart from those outfit blunders by few celebrities, others slayed completely with their dressing choices as they put on vintage outfits. Hania Amir, Ushna Shah and Iqra Aziz wore beautiful looking colorful outfits at the event. Here are some glimpses of these beautiful actresses.


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