Police arrested four suspects after a video of Usman Mirza abusing a couple in Islamabad went viral Police arrested four suspects after a video of Usman Mirza abusing a couple in Islamabad went viral

Police arrested four suspects after a video of Usman Mirza abusing a couple in Islamabad went viral

Islamabad police arrested four suspects including 'Usman mirza' who were involved in harassing a couple in Islamabad after video of the incident went viral on social media.

Few days ago a shameful video went viral on social media in which couple was abused, tortured and girl was allegedly raped multiple times by six men in capital of Pakistan. Usman Mirza with his companions beat up the couple and striped them naked forcefully at gun point. The suspect allegedly raped the girl and have been blackmailing the couple for past few months as the viral video is few months older. 

Main suspect 'Usman mirza' can be seen along with his companions Atta-ur-rehman, Madaris Butt and Farhan in this heart wrenching video given below. 

This sad incident occurred in an apartment in E-11/2. According to news sources this apartment was in possession of a property dealer who gave it's keys to the victim. Usman mirza and other suspects also had a key of the flat and they entered the room where couple was going to stay for some time, Police officials reported.

Citizens of Pakistan have been outraged and demanding law enforcement to take immediate action against Usman Mirza after the viral video kept circulating on social media.

Islamabad police took action and arrested the four of six suspects as you can see in tweet below.

Deputy Commissioner of Islamabd Hamza Shafqaat also tweeted: “He (accused) arrested. His accomplices are being arrested. Video is few months old. It is requested to plz delete any videos with victims IDs.”

This sad incident is not the only sexual harassment case that needs attention of law enforcement as rape cases are increasing day-by-day in Pakistan. People like usman mirza, thinks that they are above law as legislation of sexual harassment is not strong enough to punish goons like this.

Many of these incidents go unreported as victims care about their self-respect. They think that reporting such incident will drag their identity on social media. Instead of getting any relief, the only thing they will get is more distress.

This incident is getting alot of media attention that's why police are taking strong action against Usman mirza but we don't think powerful people like them get punished by law of Pakistan often as he will be granted bail soon by courts of Pakistan.

Couples like these also needs to learn from this incident as taking your girl into a random flat is risky and you will face embarrassment like this if you get caught with a girl in room. 

This incident also proves that 'Haram' relations are forbidden in Islam for a reason and when you disobey the teachings of your religion, you will have to face circumstances. 

But this was a criminal act by Goons like 'Usman Mirza' and we demand strict punishment from courts of Pakistan. There is no justification of beating, sexually harassing, raping, stripping and entering someone's personal space.

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