Xiaomi emerged as a shock leader behind Samsung in smartphone market for year 2021 Xiaomi emerged as a shock leader behind Samsung in smartphone market for year 2021

Xiaomi emerged as a shock leader behind Samsung in smartphone market for year 2021

Samsung and Xiaomi are leading smartphone market race

In comparison to the previous year, the smartphone market grew rapidly in 2021, with other brands like Vivo, OPPO securing their place in the market with notable share. Everyone thinks of Samsung and Apple smartphone market leaders but that's not the case.

The game has changed this time thanks to a brand that has worked tirelessly on their flagship smartphones and has managed to cover the entire smartphone market with their variants.

Xiaomi has officially conquered the smartphone market, taking second place in the 2021 smartphone market share. To get the exact figures and a detailed Quarter 2 report on smartphone market share, we will dig a little deeper.

According to the report, the global smartphone market share is growing at a rate of 13.2 percent, with Samsung taking the lead. The shipments of smartphones and their market share were clearly displayed in the report.

Samsung claimed the top spot in global smartphone market:

Samsung has 59.0 million smartphone units on the market, accounting for 18.8% of the total. In the Q2 smartphone market share report, however, Ivy League smartphone Apple was unable to secure the top spot, falling to third place. Apple shipped 44.2 million units, accounting for only 14.1 percent of the market.

Xiaomi grabbed the second spot surprisingly:

Behind Samsung, no one expected Xiaomi will fill that position and leave behind Apple at the third position. It's the first time Xiaomi has finished second; they did a fantastic job this year with their heavy investment in smartphone development, shipping 53.1 million units and capturing 16.9% of the market. In comparison to the previous year, they increased their market share by 6% and shipped 28.5 million units.

OPPO and VIVO with exceptional performances:

OPPO and VIVO, too, astounded the market with their outstanding performance and shipments. With a market share of 10% each, OPPO came in fourth and Vivo came in fifth in the Q2 report.

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