When given the opportunity, Pakistan harassment victim 'Ayesha Akram Baig' didn't back down When given the opportunity, Pakistan harassment victim 'Ayesha Akram Baig' didn't back down

When given the opportunity, Pakistan harassment victim 'Ayesha Akram Baig' didn't back down

Minare Pakistan incident: Tiktoker girl sexually harassed and abused by hundreds of men in Greater Iqbal Park Lahore

A female tiktoker was sexually harassed and abused by hundreds of people in Greater Iqbal Park Lahore, Pakistan on Independence day.

Video of a girl sexually abused by a mob on Pakistan's Independence day is doing rounds on social media today as she was reportedly making tiktok videos along with her companions in Greater Iqbal Park near Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore, Pakistan.

This video has spread rage among public as mob tried to undress her in public and touched her body. There were around 400 people according to the FIR lodged by the girl herself. She stated that she was stripped and thrown into air by the people in Iqbal park.

Here is the shameful video which shows the mentality of some men in Pakistan and freedom of women.
This is a shameful act on the part of all those men, as it has severely tarnished Pakistan's image in terms of women's rights around the world. This video demonstrates that women are not safe in public places in major cities such as Lahore, and it demonstrates where we are headed as a country.

The question is what was she doing among all these young men. As it seems all of them were not random people and they were her fans who knows her from Tiktok. All of them came to meet her or collaborate with her but things got out of control.
This, in our opinion, is the mentality of the majority of men in Pakistan, who are wolves disguised as sheep. In times like these, they'll pounce on you. This is not the first time a woman has been sexually abused by a mob in Pakistan; it has happened on several occasions before, and these incidents are unlikely to stop anytime soon due to a lack of rule of law in such cases.

Who is Ayesha Akram Baig??

Ayesha Akram is a female tiktoker of Pakistan living in Lahore. She planned a meetup with her fans in Lahore on independence day of Pakistan at Minar-e-Pakistan. She arrived there with her fiancé and collaborated with her fans initially but after some time alot of people gathered around her and started harassing her. Things get escalated quickly and she became a victim of sexual harassment at the end of the day.

She is a tiktoker with hundreds of followers on video making app. She has alot of videos in bold outfits already as she never missed the chance to show her figure in all of videos. Tiktok has caused alot of these incidents which defamed Pakistan. Here are some of her Tiktok videos before the incident.

As investigations are going on, it is becoming more and more evident that it was rather a publicity stunt by Ayesha baig to gain some sympathy and fame on Tiktok. This was an outstanding act of defaming herself and country which mislead most of the Pakistani's who thought of her as a victim of harassment by 400 men but in truth it is a much more controversial matter.

These kinds of incidents help to validate the claims of women who took part in the 'Aurat March,' and they show how the general public reacts when they see a woman alone in public. In the comments section of this post, share your thoughts on these heinous acts.

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