Who is Shahnawaz Ayaz and why he killed his wife Sara Inam | All you need to know about case Who is Shahnawaz Ayaz and why he killed his wife Sara Inam | All you need to know about case

Who is Shahnawaz Ayaz and why he killed his wife Sara Inam | All you need to know about case

Shahnawaz Ayaz with his late wife Sara Inam

The daughter-in-law of veteran journalist Ayaz Amir was allegedly killed on Friday by his son Shahnawaz in Chak Shehzad area of Islamabad.

Sarah, 37, daughter in law of senior pakistani journalist Ayaz Amir, was discovered dead at a farm house in Chak Shehzad, according to police. The case is being investigated by the police. The crime scene is being investigated and forensic teams are on the scene.

Ayaz Amir's son Shahnawaz allegedly hit Sarah over the head with a dumbbell, according to initial reports. According to police, Shahnawaz has been apprehended. According to the FIR, "Shahnawaz and his wife quarrelled, after which he murdered her by striking her with a dumbbell."

It was also stated that when the suspect, Shahnawaz, saw police in his home, he locked himself in a room. 

"When the room's locks were broken to arrest him, blood stains on his shirt and hands were discovered." Shah Nawaz later admitted to committing the crime. He also led the cops to the bathtub where his wife's body was found. "There were injury marks on her head," according to the FIR.

Who was Sara Inam??

Sara Shahnawaz: All you need to know about murdered Sara Shahnawaz

Sara Inam 37-year-old woman came from a diverse background and had extensive work experience in the Gulf region, Pakistan, and Canada. Sara Inam, an economist by birth, earned her master's degree from the University of Waterloo in Canada. She was living and working in Abu Dhabi.

She worked for the United Arab Emirates government's Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development. A friend described Sara as "a bright and articulate woman." She had spent the previous 15 years in the UAE, where she had made many friends.

Sara had also worked for organisations such as USAID and Deloitte in terms of her abilities and skill set.

Who is Shahnawaz Ayaz??

Shahnawaz Ayaz with his father Ayaz Amir

Twice-divorced Ayaz Amir, a veteran journalist, and his wife Samina Shah gave birth to Shahnawaz Amir.

Both Shah and son shared a farmhouse in Islamabad's affluent Chak Shahzad neighbourhood. Shahnawaz had three marriages. His third wife was Sara Inam, a 37-year-old Canadian national.

Ayaz Amir's immediate reaction:

Senior journalist Ayaz Amir expressed his sorrow in his most recent interview on reaching the crime spot, telling the media that the incident continues to shock him. He added that he hoped no one ever had to go through this. When asked if he was aware that his child used drugs, the journalist avoided the question.

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