Young man Cameron Herrin was left speechless after being sentenced to 24 years in prison Young man Cameron Herrin was left speechless after being sentenced to 24 years in prison

Young man Cameron Herrin was left speechless after being sentenced to 24 years in prison

Handsome young man Cameron Herrin left wide-eyed after sentenced to 24 years in prison

Young man was stunned when the judge announced his fate. He is sentenced to 24 years in state prison almost three years after the accident as this news went viral on social media.

During a street race with a friend in Tampa, Florida, 21 year old young man Cameron Herrin killed a mother and her child with his car at a speed of 160 km per hour in year 2018. 

His videos during the court proceedings went viral on social media in past few days in the world as he was spotted in a black suit wearing a black mask. Clips of the young man receiving a lengthy prison sentence were circulating Twitter, Tik Tok and various other platforms in Pakistan too. Many women thinks that he deserves second chance.

Here is one of the video which is becoming popular among women.


How accident happened??

When Cameron Herrin and his friend John Barrineau stopped at a red light on their way to the exercise hall in Tampa, Florida in 2018. Herrin decided to make a speed race in his Ford Mustang with his friend. During the "race," the two cars came across a woman pushing a stroller with her infant daughter, who was run over by Herin despite his attempts to get off the road. Both woman and her toddler died instantly. Case was filed against Herrin and his friend by victims family and after proceedings went on Herrin was pleaded guilty after testimonial statements from witnesses in December last year.

On Thursday, April 8, 2021, a judge handed down the sentence to Cameron Herrin after hours of testimony from witnesses including Herrin's family, friends, a former circuit court judge, and a forensic psychiatrist.
Herrin pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and unlawful racing on a highway in December after hitting and killing Jessica Reisinger-Raubenolt and her daughter, Lillia.
The other driver, John Barrineau, pleaded guilty to his part in the accident and was sentenced to six years in prison. Barrineau was 17 at the time.

Herrin's mother statement in court:

Herrin's mother pleaded with the judge for leniency.
“The last three years have been the most difficult experience I've ever had, as well as the most difficult experience our family has ever had. Cheryl Herrin stated, "We are deeply remorseful and regretful for what occurred." 
“We extend our heartfelt condolences to the two families. We hope you can find forgiveness in your hearts.” She added

Herrin's teacher statement:

“I’m certain of it, he will be spending the rest of his days trying to do good and some sort of penance for the horror that has become the loss of life,” Keith Aeshbach, Herrin’s former teacher, told the judge.

Victim's mother statement in court:

“There can’t be a lesson learned if there’s not a just punishment,” Reisinger-Raubenolt’s mother Pamela Reisinger said.

Public opinion on this matter:

As news went viral on the internet in July, people started sharing their opinion on this judgment to a teenager. Some people thought that this sentence is harsh as he looks handsome and young while others think that it's fair as he killed two innocent lives. 
Here are some of the tweets of people defending Cameron Herrin

As people from around the world are raising their opinion on this ruling on social media, Cameron Herrin has exercised the option of appeal on this ruling but it is not likely to be overturned on non-sense comments of people who are judging the case on the basis of his looks. He is pleaded guilty in the case and victims of this accident deserve justice. However people in Pakistan including most of girls think that he looks handsome so he deserve less punishment on two murders.

What do you guys think about this story??

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