Life after COVID -19: Changing business trends Life after COVID -19: Changing business trends

Life after COVID -19: Changing business trends

Impacts of COVID-19 on society

COVId-19 pandemic has affected life of every person in this world like never before. In these testing times of human life everybody is trying their best to keep up with the life. This pandemic has hit almost every sector of life in such a way that every business has gone through lowest periods of their history. It affected supply chains and created burdens on the life of employees that can be stressful. In this pandemic protection of livelihood seemed to be the utmost task of every person.

As we are discussing the negative impacts on coronavirus pandemic there are some things that needs to be discussed as it carved new ways of self-development for the society. The short term effects of this virus can be seen everywhere in this world as death count rose higher and higher till 2021 and still rising in some countries. Whole world went into lockdown it affected people minds. It changed the way were working and we started working from home.

This brought new ideas of doing business. For example: door to door marketing campaign is a old school technique of marketing but it is still effective in some ways even today. But when this pandemic came this marketing campaign became useless as public interaction was halted in whole world. This brings new ways of marketing that are completely dependent on technology and digital marketing personnel were in great demand as they can work from home. That’s how it shaped businesses strategies to move from old fashioned techniques of businesses to advanced techniques.

So people needed to develop themselves according to the need of their jobs or businesses.

As we can see this pandemic is soon going to be over as vaccination process is going on in almost every country of the world. After this pandemic we will see new norms in our society. People who were not used to working with technology, can now spend their most of time on laptop or even working from home. Marketing strategies have been changed after the pandemic as people are now very used to spending time on social media, logistics and supply chain will be much changed as this pandemic shown world their weaknesses in supply chain. New ways of supply chain and logistics were discovered in this pandemic as Businesses like AMAZON earned so much more money when other businesses were on all time low due to their reach in the world market. 

After pandemic working from home, home deliveries, media marketing, medical advancement etc. are the things that will be seen as new normal of the society and I think in the context of self development if we are ccomfortable in doing all these things or we are not hesitant in adopting all these new norms of the society then I think we are ready to face the life after pandemic. 

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